Can't Find Your Package?

Being a small business in today's times can be challenging. When we hand over your order to the carrier it is now their responsibility.

  • Look Around

    Check around your front door, in any landscaping, or common areas. Ask your neighbors if they received it. Some times the carrier does not drop it at the correct location.

  • Give it Some Time

    Sometimes the carrier can mark packages as delivered before they have reached the final state of delivery. Please wait 48 hours from when your package was marked “Delivered” to confirm that this was the case.

  • Contact Your Local USPS

    If you've looked around, checked the tracking, and waited some time then contact your local postoffice. USPS is able to geolocate your package, telling you precisely where it is located.

If your package or item is still missing, contact us to report your missing order and to get help with reordering.


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