Ways to sachet

After You Clean

Place some sachets around the areas you clean to keep your space smelling fresh and extend the cleaning time.

Check out some more ways to clean with our sachets below!

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Ways to Sachet

In the Bathroom

For sweet fragrance in the bathroom, keep a sachet in a vanity drawer or dressing table.

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Ways to Sachet

Keep Towels Fresh

Towels smell fresher with a sachet stored nearby!

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ways to sachet

In A Gift Basket

Add a few sachets to a gift basket to elevate the presentation and create a lovely aroma.

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  • Inside Trash Can

    Place a scented sachet in the bottom of your trash can or diaper
    receptacle before you put your bag in to keep that area smelling fresh.

  • Cleaning Your Mattress

    Open your favorite sachet, add it to baking soda and sprinkle over your
    mattress. Let sit and when you vacuum it up you'll be left with a fresh

  • In the Laundry

    Keep your laundry and laundry room smelling fresh and clean!

  • Near Pet Odors

    Store a sachet near a litter box or other items retaining pet musk for a fresh scent.

  • In the Car

    Keep your car smelling fresh no matter how many miles you put on it - slide a scented sachet under the front seat of your car. 

  • In Your Vacuum

    Grab your favorite sachet and empty it onto the floor. Vacuum up the
    particles for a fresh smelling vacuum the next time you use it.

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  • House For Sale

    Strategically choose and place scented sachets around a home while it's on the market to welcome potential buyers.

  • Keep Clothes Fresh

    Stash a sachet in your closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean even after hanging all season.

  • Place Around a Dorm Room

    Can’t use candles in your dorm room? No problem, use scented sachets
    around the dorm to keep it smelling fresh, when you can’t use candles.

  • In a Locker

    Store a sachet in you or your kid's locker for a welcome sweet scent among eraser shavings, dusty books, and old lunches.

  • In Your Gym Bag

    Eliminate sweaty odors by keeping a sachet in your gym bag with your workout gear. 

  • In the Linen Closet

    Store a sachet with your clean sheets and towels for a fresh scent when you change out the linens.

  • With Your Luggage

    Keep luggage and accommodations fresh while traveling by storing away a sachet in your travel bags! 

  • With Fake Plants

    Hide a sachet away behind silk flowers to create a fresh-cut scent!

  • In Your Christmas Tree

    Attach a ribbon or ornament hook and hang on the tree to keep those holiday scents around all season long.