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Simplicity Scents

Everyday Scents Bundle

Everyday Scents Bundle

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 This bundle has all of your everyday needs met. From floral to fresh, clean linen there’s something for everyone to love. 


3 Kindness Scented Sachets

  • Bring the pleasant earthy fragrance of budding flowers into your home. Relax and enjoy the sweet, earthy smell that will help you melt your stress away wherever you may go.

Laundry Basket Scented Sachets

  • A floral simplicity favorite! A fresh scent of clean linens.

3 Lavender Fields Scented Sachets

  • The calming and relaxing scent of fresh lavender. A favorite of many.

3 Thankful Scented Sachets

  • A sweet, gentle breath of goodness. Something a little extra to be grateful for during your day with a subtle blend of fruits, vanilla, and patchouli.

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